Fiesta del Agua

Fiesta del Agua

Es Paradis

The legendary water party at Es Paradis is back this summer! Stay long enough at this party, enjoy the feel-good music and suddenly find the dance floor turning into a swimming pool! It is just one of those Ibiza parties that you HAVE to do once and many people do it over and over again.

Suddenly, I'm Singing In the Rain, It's Raining Men or the Flashdance track comes on in the club and you find yourself soaked and having it amongst 4000 ravers in a pool-cum-dancefloor filled with 80,000 litres of water. The club's pyramid roof opens up to reveal the sky and you realise it is perfectly normal to be dancing in this environment whilst wearing nothing but speedos, armbands and snorkelling gear. Make sure to come dressed - at least at first - to gain entry to the party. Lockers are available inside.

The Fiesta del Agua is taking place once a week in 2018, every Friday from 25 May to 14 September with two very special dates. On 6 July the water party celebrates its 40th anniversary, while the following week the 13th of July is the 43rd anniversary of the iconic club.


Clara Da Costa, Steeve Valverde.

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