Soy Curry Chicken. It is very popular and crowded though, so do reserve before coming down. Expect long queues at Fa Ji Minced Meat Fishball Noodles (#01-05, closed Wed) and Hougang Hainanese Curry Rice/Economic Bee Hoon (#01-25). Except for maybe this Braised Pork which was one of the best I ever tasted. #01-45 Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre (street 21) Renovated in 2010 for $4 million, the hawker centre has always drawn large crowds with its awardwinning food stalls. The number fluctuates throughout the day and when i was there at 2pm on a Saturday; i think it was maybe about 20-odd dishes on display. I recently wrote about AMK Curry Puff  and got to know that the brand managed to retain their original stall at Ang Mo Kio (AMK). Bedok Cooked Food does not accept pickup at this time. I dine in with my mum and aunt on weekend and overall a v.good dinner. This place is actually known for their clay pot fishhead curry, which was great, but the egg was really what caught my eye. Omelette had chye poh (preserved radish) which had that marvelous effect on taste and texture. Sin Chie Toke Huan Hainanese Curry Rice @ Upper Serangoon Road Just a couple of steps from my place is a popular Hainanese Curry Rice at Upper Serangoon Road. But Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice at Tiong Bahru is a revelation. Gluten Free (3)Halal (29)Organic (3)Vegan Friendly (5)Vegetarian (8) Categories. Category Archives: Kovan Curry and Curry. Pricing reasonable and quite tasty. Accompanying the fish head were a few pieces of lady fingers, eggplant, tau pok and sliced onions, all soaking up the curry essence and flavour. Mine; Joyce actually helped me to buy as she's buying for Jovyn too and my order was rather standard for Hainanese curry rice. Eleven Fingers is an unassuming hawker stall found in a small corner of 3838 Eating Place. I don’t quite understand the appeal of Hainanese curry rice because, to me, it is just rice with curry that you can get at any caifan stall. Beach Road Scissor-cut Curry Rice. The pig skin is well braised and most of the fat has been removed, so it makes for easy dining. I really like their ngor hiang as it’s packed full of ingredients. Curry Curry [203 Hougang St 21 Singapore 530202] To me, Curry Fish Head has always been a comfort food. COPYRIGHT © 2020 BURPPLE PTE LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This delicious rice with curry sauce is one of the most popular one-plate dishes along with jjajangmyeon which I made the other day. By the way, this two man may look alike but they are not real brothers. Char Siew, Roast Pork & Roast Duck from Bedok Cooked Food, Jin Pin Xiang Bak Kwa (金品香肉乾) & its Famous Pineapple BBQ Dried Pork [旺來肉乾] @ Changi Road [Kembangan], King of Pao Fan (泡饭王) - Too Rich for Me @ Bugis [Singapore], Hua Zai Hong Kong Style Roasted Delight (华仔港式烧腊) - Roast Duck and Char Siew @ Bgain 442 Eating House[Clementi, Singapore] #huazairoastduck, Sin Heng Kee Porridge 新興記粥品 (Chong Pang) - So Many Kinds of Local Porridge in an Air-Conditioned Setting! Freshly fried and hot, this is perfect with fish curry drizzled on it. The texture was at the optimal level of soft crunchiness and in spite of the obvious spiciness, there's a lingering trace of sweetness i find so endearing! Address: Kovan Hougang Market and Food Centre Block 209, #01-25 Hougang Street 21. What you can expect from here is almost the same as any other vegetarian economical rice stall in Singapore. Curry rice is one of them. I could have sworn I remember how to go but somehow I forgot.. After trying to trace back how I came the first time, I finally succeeded! Read more: I like the pork meatball, fried eggs and their curry rice.